Dynalift Powerboats Corp.

Dynalift powerboats is a design and sales company that operates under its own trademark “Dynalift”. We do: research & develop, design and sell powerboats, both mono-hull and tunnel boats, (catamarans).

Our focus lies with government’s contracts, commercial customers and boat manufacturer licensee.



We have a clear vision regarding the marine environment and an international recognition of our technological innovation. In the future we want to use our Dynalift concept to create new projects to help preserve our ocean environment.



Better performance, comfort and safety for those who have chosen the sea as their work environment.


Company Guidelines

The entire chain from research and development to the finished product will be characterized by a focus on the marine environment, performance and comfort. We are dedicated, responsible and listen carefully to our customers.

For us, quality is

  • Staying ahead of environmental technologies with innovative hull design.
  • Giving our customer a safe and secure working platform.
  • To understand the customer’s needs and deliver as agreed.
  • Employees that contribute their knowledge and have a commitment to continued improvement.

Environment / Sustainable Development

  • Dynalift powerboats will in all operations minimize its impact on the environment.
  • We will achieve this by setting goals to continually improve the business, in order to meet or exceed current environmental legislation.

We know that satisfied customers is our future

  • We always have our customer's requirements in mind
  • We are always open to new ideas.
  • We want to create a strong long-term relationship with our customers and suppliers.



Sten Örneblad - Design, marketing & sales.

Sten Örneblad

  • Sten Örneblad is the inventor of the Dynalift hull concept and the originator of the U.S. Patent. He is a designer and an innovator with aero- and hydrodynamics as a specialty. Sten has devoted over 25 years to create advanced designs, innovative design and improved performance for windsurfing, sailing catamarans and powerboats.
  • Sten was the first manufacturer of windsurfing boards in Europe and developed a technology to produce three-color windsurfing boards in gelcoat.
  • He introduced the elliptical windsurfing sails with through-going battens and planing sailboards with a high aspect ratio, giving more favorable planing characteristics. This made his sail-boards the fastest and most easily sailed on the market. Stens sailboard Rocker (Sweden) / Meritex (USA) won the U.S. Championships twice. These victories led to a complete change to the European competition rules.
  • To make sailing catamarans faster and prevent "diving" Sten developed cats with upright stems, so-called half-moons, this provides more buoyancy in the bow. The deck in the bow got a round (convex) shape which lowers the water pressure on deck if you sail through a larger wave. The rig was swept back “raked”, this gives a lifting force and reduces the drag in the rig.
  • Sten has developed durable boats with low wave making (small wake) for search and rescue and coastguard, which could withstand higher speeds in very rough weather.
  • This series of innovations is based on a design philosophy that can be summarized in one sentence: There is always a simpler and better solution.