Safe, eco-friendly planing boats with high performance

The boat categories are planing motor vessels, catamarans and mono hulls up to 25 meters. No matter which scenario is chosen, our U.S. patented hull concept is used. The hull is also design patented in the EU. All boats are built to individual customer requirements.



Dynalift C-38 Dive boat, planing catamaran 38 foot (11.66 x 4.95 m). 16-20 passengers.
Other versions of C-38: Supply, pilot, taxi, ambulance, police, patrol, etc.

Brochure C-38 (PDF)

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Dynalift C-38 passenger boat

PowerPoint C-38


Dynalift C-38 Police boat, planing catamaran 38 foot (11,66 x 4,95 m)

Brochure C-38 (PDF)
Brochure Government use (PDF)

Dynalift C-38 Doctor's/Ambulance boat, planing catamaran 38 foot (11,66 x 4,95 m)

Brochure C-38 (PDF)
Brochure Government use (PDF)


Dynalift C-38 Survey boat, planing catamaran 38 foot (11,66 x 4,95 m)

Brochure C-38 (PDF)
Brochure Government use (PDF)


Dynalift C-60 Supply boat, planing catamaran (18 x 7,5 m)

Brochure Government use (PDF)

Dynalift 21 Police boat, mono V-hull 21 foot (6,30 x 2,40 m)
Other versions: Search and Rescue and all around high performance pleasure boat.
Designed for the US-market.

Brochure D-21 (PDF)
Video 1 - Dynalift 21 at Full Speed subt
Video 2 - Dynalift 21 High Speed Maneuvers 5
Video 3 - Dynalift 21 no planing hump

GoCat Power boat, planing catamaran (4.00 x 1.70 m)
Other versions: Referee boat / Tender boat. A power boat for the whole family.

Field of applications

Motor catamarans and mono V-hulls 4 - 25 meters

For authorities:
Police, coast guard, search and rescue, ambulance, pilot, fire fighting, tenderboats etc.

Work boats:
Fishing: Lobster, additional cage fishing, fish farming, mussels, trolling, charter, etc.
Passenger transport: Taxi, ferries
Event / Tourism
Supply boat: Wind power: Service and maintenance. personel carrier, material, supplies
Survey: Mätfartyg.
Water works: Bridge Construction etc.
Oil recovery

Manufacturing today

Takes place at a shipyard in Sweden, Norway and USA.

License rights

We also sell license rights to intrested shipyards worldwide. .


Composite, aluminium or special steels.


Outboard engines, stern drive, Arneson-drive, water jet and a straight shafted propulsion.

Price policy

Our pricing policy is not only to maintain the average prices in each market segment but to offer more customer value to this price.